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There are four primary types of power in organizations. The first is the power of expertise. Expertise is required for success. Individuals jockey to be declared the subject matter expert.

Defining Moments & Unique Differentiators

Business is competitive and coming up with unique value propositions can seem daunting, yet differentiators come from asking yourself what defining magic moment can we create for our customers?  What


I am amazed at how many leaders still have a propensity to complain and often say they are simply reporting what they are observing.  The problem is they are focusing

What A Leader Should Never Delegate

Successful leaders have full plates and the temptation to delegate more and more tasks is tempting, however there are some things you should never delegate.  We strongly believe you should

Traits Successful Executives Exhibit

 They are known for producing results that matter. They have a vision and plan for where they want to go. They are great at spotting, directing and developing talent. They

Help More, Judge Less

Help more, judge less. If you do this for a year, do you think your colleagues or family or friends will say I wish you would judge more and help

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself On A Regular Basis

A list of 5 questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis: What am I learning? How can I make work fun? Are you celebrating success? How well am

You Either Win Or You Learn

We all want to be a winner.  However most everyone does not want to do the work to be a winner.  Many do not want to endure the trial and


All progress takes place outside of the comfort zone.  You know you are growing when you experience some discomfort.  Progress is often trial and error.  Consider that most multi millionaires


The human voice is the instrument we all play. Invest in how you play your instrument and the lyrics you speak, the tone you use, your pitch, the meter and