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Business is competitive and coming up with unique value propositions can seem daunting, yet differentiators come from asking yourself what defining magic moment can we create for our customers?  What experience would be so special that they would be willing to remark about it to their friends and colleagues?

The Magic Castle Hotel in California is relatively nondescript with one exception it is painted a bright yellow and as far as I know is the only hotel with a “Popsicle hot line” where guests can call anytime during the afternoon and request a free popsicle that will be delivered to them anywhere on the property with a smiling room service attendant donning white gloves and holding a delicious popsicle at no cost.

One mortgage company has someone personally deliver a copy of the deed and ceremoniously delivers it to a client who pays off their mortgage at no cost.  Most mortgage companies charge a fee to unceremoniously send you your deed.

As you and your team outline the total customer experience from first touch to final touch where can you create a moment of magic that will set you apart from your competition?  It doesn’t have to happen at every touch point, just one or two that will be big differentiators for your customers.

Our Consulting firm is unique because we offer 100% of our customers who take our Developing Executive Relationships program the opportunity to call and get coaching to reinforce the learning for all participants.  We have been coaching clients out of the classroom for over 13 years.  We only consider ourselves successful when the participants are confident and fully own what we teach them and no longer need assistance.  Access to one fo our Executives for confidential private coaching is extremely valuable.

Where can you create a moment of magic for your clients?


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