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One of the best ways to make yourself more valuable is to be a resource for all things your clients need to succeed.  A great way to do this is to develop a network of vetted providers that you can refer and make introductions to facilitate new relationships.  Having a mindset that says I want to see clients succeed period, whether I am the answer or not.  Simply expand your lens to include meeting people from many disciplines and functions and at the right time and place make referrals. After years of experience I have many colleagues that I am happy to refer when clients mention they have an interest in something.  I relish seeing my connections thrive by doing business with one another and I have the pleasure knowing I played a tiny role in their success.

Building this network takes effort.  Most people dislike networking events where people are schmoozing and trolling for prospects to sell.  My preferred approach is to meet people in a variety of settings professional, personal, community, recreational, etc…I am naturally curious and learn about their interests and business and over time I build a database of people that I may refer.  I intentionally set out to invest in others more than I want to ask for something or take from others.  Part of my personal brand is to be generous, to invest and develop others.  What I have found is the more I invest in others the more opportunities I have.  One of my most valuable tools is my 30 year network of proven best practice relationships.

Not only do you have to meet them, write down their vitals in a. database you then have to maintain the relationship and periodically check in.  Send an article of interest, send congrats on a promotion or change, inquire if they know about a new trend or merger, touch in on important anniversaries.  Being intentional about connecting is disciplined hard work and totally worth the effort.

Happy networking!


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