Do Your Dreams Shape Your Choices?

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Dreams ought to pilot your choices and shape the landscape of your life.  You are the author of your life and your dreams are the substance of your heart.  When you do work that is meaningful to you and it advances the vision you want of yourself you will find the will and inspiration to live an on purpose life.  There are so many societal messages about what the right life or dream should be that we often repress or overlook what our heart is speaking to us.  Allowing your desires and dreams to shape your daily choices that collectively added up to how you live your life is part of the secret to living a life that brings you joy and meaning.  Living the life others expect or want from you feels like duty, obligation, instead of following your heart and living a life of adventure as your pursue what matters to you.

When you make choices that align with your dreams you will find you are in harmony with yourself.  When you find others that share your purpose, cause and meaning and do life together joy is multiplied.  When you find someone who will inspire you to be who you want to be you find a kinship and connection that will help you endure the pursuit of your dreams when the inevitable challenges come.

You have the power to decide and each choice and action when compiled is the sum of your life.  Dream big and choose well.


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