Four Things Needed For A Healthy Culture

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There are four things you need for a healthy culture.  A culture where employees can do great work and grow.

  1.   Physical and psychological safety.  It may seem obvious, but you need a safe environment that is clean and well lit and does not put employees at risk physically. Second you need psychological safety.  People need to be free from bullying, punitive action, retaliation, and given a safe place to express and grow.
  2. You need to create a sense of belonging. Give sweatshirts and mugs and express they are part of the team.  There is a place for them and they belong. An atmosphere of camaraderie and esprit de corps.
  3. Make employees feel they uniquely have a contribution to make to the organization and they have a future with the team.  People need to know they are personally wanted, celebrated and when they bring there best they have a home, a place, a team to belong to for a long time.
  4. A shared sense of purpose and common cause.  A culture that is knit together around a shared purpose will have energy, passion, direction and the ability to persevere among challenges, setbacks and roadblocks.  Rallying around a cause and purpose will make work exciting, fun, meaningful.

If your team is missing anyone of these areas it will be harder to get the best out of your employees.  If you are an employee when you interview a new boss and company see how well they will do in establishing a culture where you will thrive.

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