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I am amazed at how many leaders still have a propensity to complain and often say they are simply reporting what they are observing.  The problem is they are focusing on the past, on what has happened instead on the future and what they can offer to improve what they are complaining about.   There is a time to assess what has happened, yet as a leader it is important to quickly move from the past to the future and make suggestions, plans and execute what can be done to improve things for the stakeholders impacted.

When you hear someone complain the orientation of their “rant” is often focused on themselves and how they are impacted and feel vs how others are impacted and feel.  These seeds of negativity simply express the situation instead of change it.  If all you do is complain there will not be any positive change. In fact if you complain too much, do you think others respect you and enjoy being around you?  Ask yourself how much you enjoy being around a complainer?

How much faith and hope do you communicate when you complain?  Very little.  That is why as a leader you should consider a “NO COMPLAINING” mandate.  Institute a policy that says you and your team will look for the good in all circumstances and you will look for solutions before you utter a negative complaint.  Commit to being a part of the positive change that will distinguish you as a leader.


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