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Ugh, one of your largest customers is complaining about the level of service they are receiving.  As the Account Executive you realize the team is scattered and communication is slow or stalled and the impact is unacceptable.

You immediately make changes.  First you require everyone to be in the same office and you have a conference table in the center with cubes and office around the conference table circumference.

You communicate three simple metrics that everyone is to focus on, which happen to be the most important to the customer.  Great client care is the top priority and you empower everyone with making that happen.

The room is equipped with a stop light and anyone can turn the red light on which will result in an immediate team meeting in the center of the room, where all can see and hear.  Transparency and candor is required.

We had a daily huddle to check in and make sure all projects and care initiatives were on track.  We also decided to celebrate once a month when the green light was on a minimum of 95% of the time.

Red light meetings meant stop, listen, and act on behalf of the customer. Making customers are top priority was the key to our success.  We made physical and psychological changes and we went from almost losing the customer to earning a strong reference able client.



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