What A Leader Should Never Delegate

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Successful leaders have full plates and the temptation to delegate more and more tasks is tempting, however there are some things you should never delegate.  We strongly believe you should be responsible and accountable and own the following:

  1.  Vision is the essence of leadership and you own creating the vision and getting the team bought into the vision and their role in achieving the vision.
  2. Hiring and on boarding employees.  Your people are everything and you ultimately own the decision making on hiring and the welcoming and acclimating employees to the organization.
  3. Praise, recognition and discipline.  You want to catch employees doing things right and praise them for it as this is how you establish a great culture.  Likewise you own correcting bad performance and behaviors and holding people accountable which is also a part of creating a culture of accountability.
  4. Leading change.  Change is often met with resistance and your ability to cast the vision of a reorganized and modified future including the steps to get there is your responsibility.
  5. Performance appraisal and employee and self development.  You want to remain committed to learning and growing personally as well as developing your team.  You own setting the expectations, inspecting and reporting performance against expectations in a review ( we suggest quarterly) and securing the right development tools, processes and coaching is your responsibility.


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